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Quarterly Inspiration: What We've Been Pinning Lately

Full of inspiration (thanks to over 400 million users), Pinterest is an invaluable resource when it comes to design. Here at Fit + Finish Design, we find ourselves scrolling for inspiration just like our clients do!

Introducing: Quarterly Inspiration - posts published (you guessed it) quarterly, showcasing our designer’s most inspiring pins from the past few months. We will feature a few of our favorites and the themes that spoke to us!

Green: We have been noticing this deep emerald everywhere, too.

Jewel-toned interiors are making a comeback!

Stairs: We at Fit + Finish Design LOVE stairs. They provide an opportunity for design and architectural interest in an area most people overlook!

Details: The icing on the design cake! We are constantly on the lookout for ways to individualize each project. Details, like fluted cabinetry, intricate wallpaper and the stairs below will kick your project up a notch.

Simply hover over an image until the Pinterest icon appears to save these images for your own projects!

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