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Fit and Finish Design Interior Design Services

Design with us.

Design + Build

Fit + Finish Design partners with architects, engineers, and contractors as a design-build partner, collaborating closely to streamline communication, improve efficiency, and deliver an optimal outcome on budget for the end user.

Success Story

Building Success Together: A Collaborative Design-Build Journey

Creating exceptional spaces requires efficient processes and collaborative relationships. Our success with commercial projects stems from establishing strong connections with architects, engineers, and contractors. We customize our approach to meet the unique needs of the end user with precision and expertise.


In the dynamic world of hospitality, we deliver innovative and relevant designs centering around the guest experience, contributing to the brand and identity of the hospitality establishment.


Whether it’s a renovation, addition, or a new-build, we place great emphasis on customizing our interior architectural and design work to meet the end user's needs, style, tastes, and budget. We blend creativity, expertise, and skill into our designs.



Communication is essential for the success of any design-build project. We approach every project with proactive communication, whether it's working architects, engineers, contractors, and sub-contractors. Optimal outcomes happen when the entire team is in alignment.


Collaboration builds relationships and trust as it brings different perspectives together that no one person would have thought of on their own. This means the end users get more comprehensive, creative, and innovative designs that are customized to their specific needs while being budget-conscious.


Anticipating needs is important when working with end users on interior design projects. By understanding their needs, we are able to create spaces that are functional and comfortable for the people who will be using them. We tailor our designs to our client's lifestyles and activities.

Our Design-Build Process

The advantages of designing with us.

When working with Fit + Finish Design, architects, engineers, and contractors benefit from the many advantages of working with an external design firm on design-build projects. Our streamlined approach allows for greater communication and team collaboration, creating an optimal outcome for the end user.

Save time and money 

Reduce time while saving on costs. Engaging Fit + Finish Design in all phases of the project, including architecture and construction, ensures there are no expensive mishaps along the way. This streamlined process fosters collaboration and teamwork, optimizing efficiency while delivering an aesthetic and functional design. 


  • Faster delivery

  • Aesthetic and functional designs

  • Faster decision-making

Faster delivery with flexibility

Access different skill sets and resources without long-term commitment. Our NICDQ-certified interior designer brings over 20 years of experience working on design-build projects. This means we collaborate faster, with fewer problems, contributing to higher end-user satisfaction. 


  • Easily adaptable to project changes

  • Support budget control by reducing costly revisions

  • Ensures the project remains on track

Collaboration for design-build project

Functional quality designs

Tap into our experience and expertise from the beginning. Overall design quality is contingent on the collaboration of the design-build project from the outset. We partner with all team members -- architects, contractors, and engineers -- to understand the project's goals, budget, and any potential challenges. This informs our work, enhancing the quality of design and construction.


  • Expert architecturally focused and functional designs

  • Enhanced project efficiency and quality

  • High end-user satisfaction

Fresh perspective and creativity

Get innovative and forward-thinking design solutions. Fit + Finish is unlike other design firms as we inject innovation and uniqueness into design-build projects. Our architecturally focused designs stand out in terms of functionality, aesthetics, and overall quality. 


  • Diverse and innovative design ideas

  • Efficiency in the design process

  • Differentiated project offerings

Sitting area in under armor office

Let's design together.

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