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Fit and Finish Design Interior Design Services

Our Services

Fit + Finish Design offers interior design services for all-sized projects. We bring our differentiated design process to every project, proving why we're different from our other design firms.

We are dedicated to creating functional and timeless spaces. Our designers do this by being architecturally focused, seeking to emphasize and blend architecture with the design of the interior space. Regardless of the scope of work, whether it's a renovation or new construction, we apply our differentiated process to all our services.

Samples of textiles and wallcoverings.

Fit + Finish Design partners with architects, engineers, and contractors throughout the design-build process, collaborating closely to streamline communication, improve efficiency, and deliver an optimal outcome for the client.

What it means to you:

  • Efficiency through optimized resource allocation

  • Flexibility and scalability

  • Wider network and resources

  • Reduced conflict of interest

  • Fresh perspective and creativity


Programming is the process of gathering and analyzing information about the project requirements to ensure space is functional.

What it means to you:

  • Improved function

  • Space efficiency

  • Budget establishment

Programming will ensure a functional space plan.

Schematic Design

By applying the goals and needs of the project, we begin developing a plan for your space, including the layout, furniture, finishes, and lighting.

What it means to you:

  • Assurance that the design meets your needs

  • Avoid unexpected costs

Schematic design is the beginning of developing the design.

Design Development

With your input, we refine the details to finalize the floor plan and select specific furniture and finishes to ensure the design is complete and ready to be documented for construction.

What it means to you:

  • Ensures your satisfaction with the design

  • Improved communication to contractor

  • Ready for the construction phase

Visually able to review design development.

Construction Documentation

Ensuring your vision is realized, we prepare the final set of drawings and specifications which include dimensioned floor plans, elevations, sections, and details.

What it means to you:

  • Ensures the project details are accurate for execution

  • Avoids problems and delays during construction

  • Protects your investment

Construction drawings

Construction Administration

We oversee the construction process by working with contractors, visiting and inspecting the site, and resolving problems and issues.

What it means to you:

  • Built to your approved design and specification

  • Avoids problems and delays

  • Protects your investment

Work with contractors during construction administration phase

Project Management

Project management is essential to the success of any project. Understanding the details of the project improves communication with all stakeholders.

What it means to you:

  • Ensures schedule is met

  • Time and cost savings

Project management is key to a successful project

Environmental Branding

Incorporating your brand and culture with interior design is a great way to create space for your employees and customers that reflects your business.

What it means to you:

  • Materials used are associated with your brand

  • Allows you to tell your story

  • Consistency with your brand

Corporate headquarters focused on environmental branding

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is the practice of creating spaces that meet your needs while being environmentally responsible. 

What it means to you:

  • Improves health and well-being 

  • Reduces your impact on the environment

  • Energy efficient

LEED designers are focused on sustainable design

Accessorizing and Styling

A well-designed space is more than just the furniture and paint colors. It's also about the overall styling that brings the whole look together.

What it means to you:

  • Personalization that reflects you

  • Functionality and organization

  • Creates a specific mood or atmosphere

Accessories and styling bring the entire design of a room together

3D Rendering and Illustration

3D rendering and illustration create visual concepts, which are used to communicate design to you before construction begins.

What it means to you:

  • Helps you visualize designs

  • Allows feedback before finalizing

Example of a 3D rendering and illustration

Furniture Specification and Procurement

Curating the furniture package that aligns with the design intent and the established floor plan. Creating a furniture plan for your interior design project in alignment with the design is important for functionality, aesthetics, and budget. 


What it means to you:

  • Save time and effort

  • Access to trade-only merchandise

  • Get the right furniture for your needs

Furniture aligns with the design of the project
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