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Who Should I Call About My Home Remodel?

Anecdotally, the parking lots for Home Depot, Lowe’s, and other home improvement stores have been swelling lately. Many people are trading their vacations for the home improvement projects they’ve procrastinated, or they’re ready to take action on a more extensive renovation. Knowing who to call first will make a huge impact on the success of your project.

You’re likely thinking, “Ok, I see where you’re headed with this. I’ll just search Google for the top-rated contractor in my area.” Instead of asking Google, "Who should I call about my home remodel," consider seeking out an interior designer to help. A contractor is a great partner to have when doing a home improvement or renovation project, but they will do precisely what you ask, which can sometimes be a problem. If you are struggling to see the big picture of what you want, a contractor will as well, which could result in a space you hadn’t envisioned and may not function well.

View of island and range with custom cabinetry.
Remodeled Kitchen

Planning will pay dividends.

Picture walking into a beautiful modern kitchen that was created for your family and entertainment purposes, but there is an extension cord draped across the floor powering the refrigerator. Why? No one thought about the project holistically. This illustration might be a little dramatic, but the point is that interior spaces are not successful simply because they look good, they also need to function well.

Interior Designers offer the ability to see the big picture. They will ask questions that are imperative for planning the space(s) appropriately, such as: “What’s the overall objective of this renovation?” or “What’s the purpose of this room?” or “How do you envision this room looking?” These are all important questions that help shape the scope of the project and can ultimately save time and money. Spaces within your home or business must function well for your lifestyle.

Let’s look at an example.

The homeowner of the images below knew they wanted to renovate the kitchen but struggled with the existing layout of the first floor. The homeowner wanted a kitchen large enough to entertain guests and also struggled with having enough space to put shoes, soccer bags, toys, etc. In the initial consultation, it was discovered the homeowner didn’t use the dining room adjacent to the kitchen, so Fit + Finish recommended opening the space by combining the kitchen and dining room to allow significantly more space for entertaining. A wall was constructed to partition a small portion of the existing dining room to be used as the new mudroom. This homeowner now has a beautiful and functional space that works for their lifestyle.

Kitchen island in newly restructured kitchen.
Restructured Kitchen
View of table and eating nook with bench seating.
Eating Nook

Furnishings, lighting, and finishes are critical to successful renovations.

This functional space was only made possible because of proper planning. Interior Designers have the expertise and knowledge to plan the overall layout of the room, specify finishes, fixtures, and electrical needs before ever having a conversation with a contractor. Having a plan for the location of lighting and electrical outlets will avoid the obstructive extension cord draped across a room, much less relieve your stress of coordinating the details you might have never thought of.

Interior Designers plan based on client needs like appropriate furniture sizing and will also incorporate specific construction details that help reinforce the overall design aesthetic such as stair railings and interior trim.

Let’s look at a few examples where coordination between Fit + Finish and a contractor ensured a successful outcome.

This master bathroom floor pattern was designed to coordinate with the skylight above so communication with the contractor ensured it was executed as intended.

Custom tile floor in master bathroom.
Skylight Patterns

A construction detail using a Vertical Pittcon allows a reveal in the drywall to make the pink framing appear three dimensional in this child’s bathroom.

Custom double vanity using a vertical pittcon.
Vertical Pittcon

This basement was designed to incorporate an area for family jam sessions and a custom wet bar for when they entertain.

Newly remodeled basement with drum set for entertaining.
Basement Remodel
Basement wet bar added to this basement remodel.
Basement Wet Bar


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