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KBIS 2024: 7 Design Trends That Will Make You Rethink Your Renovation

The National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) organizes the premier annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS), showcasing the latest products and trends across the entire spectrum of kitchen and bath design. From top-tier luxury brands to standard offerings, the event brings together resources to support the construction and design community in staying abreast of this year's most current trends. We’ve compiled three days of learning into these seven trendy takeaways.

WARNING: You'll likely find yourself eagerly planning for a spring home renovation!

Trend #1: Appliances can be furniture.

With so many options available, appliance choices are about space optimization. Think of kitchen islands with integrated cooktops,  coffee and beverage centers, and panel-ready refrigerators. Appliances are being designed to blend into the overall design scheme and enhance the visual appeal of the space.


Trend #2: Let go of resale value.

People are increasingly seeking homes that reflect their personal style and aesthetic preferences. That means they're shifting their priorities from modernizing homes in an effort to increase the resale value to curating homes that adapt to their personality.

Trend #3: Reconsider the dining room.

Instead of dedicated dining rooms, people are opting for flexible spaces that can serve multiple purposes. This is especially true in smaller homes where maximizing space is essential, so homeowners are opting for functional living areas like home offices, playrooms, or additional storage.


Trend #4: Incorporate technology.

Incorporating technology in homes is a familiar idea, but as consumers continue to demand convenience, smart home or home automation is rapidly growing. Technology can personalize the home environment, and as brands continue to innovate, we can expect deeper integration, creating a truly smart and connected living experience.



Trend #5: Make a statement with your lighting.

Light fixtures are not just for illumination, but they’re now focal points and conversation pieces that elevate the overall design of a space. Oversized fixtures, sculptural forms, and unconventional materials create unique and visually interesting lighting pieces while reflecting personal style.


Trend #6: Go green… or orange, red, and yellow.

All brands are embracing the trend to incorporate colors, from green appliances to pink shower heads. Shades of green were the dominant color trend as they offer versatility. Whether you’re ready to go green or not, the trend of incorporating color is not just about aesthetics; it reflects a deeper personalization by creating spaces that evoke positive emotions.

Trend #7: Not a straight line.

Incorporating curvature in design has been gaining momentum in recent years. This is true of furniture-to-product design as it offers softness and fluidity into a space, contrasting the harshness of straight lines. It caters to the inherent preference for natural forms and even offers functional advantages in certain contexts. Curious how this trend translates into a Fit + Finish Design project? Read Arches: A Timeless Trend in Interior Design.


In the end, homes are evolving to reflect the changing needs and preferences of modern homeowners. Embracing design trends can breathe new life into your home while personalizing your unique style.


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