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5 Tips for Finding Comfort in Your Home Office

After years of working in their basement, our client hired us to remodel their unused Dining Room into their home office. Here are five tips to making your office a comfortable and functional space you will LOVE!

Remodeled dining room into home office
Home Office Renovation
5 Tips for finding comfort in your home office
  1. As one of the first rooms you come across when entering this home, it was important to this family to keep things neat and tidy, so plenty of storage was added.

  2. A comfy lounge chair was used to add style to this home office and to invite family members to sit down and chat.

  3. A perfectly placed area rug was used under the desk to conceal the extension cord, which provides power to the desk.

  4. Finding furniture to be functional for this home office was key. A two drawer file cabinet was placed in the back of the room for storage and house the printer.

  5. A smaller desk was added in the corner for the children to do their homework. The best part is a storage ottoman doubles as a chair for this desk.

White desk in newly remodeled home office.
Front View of Home Office Renovation
Desk area for kids to do their homework.
Student Nook
View of home office with comfy chair to sit in.
Come on in, and sit down!


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